A Community Influenced NFT Project

Vote. Win. Collect.


The Art

Hand drawn art of...well...hands! To be more specific, hands holding objects. The art contains 20 unique assets that have been generated to create 3000 one of a kind NFT art pieces. 

Different Types of Hands: 

Hands with Mirrors

Dripping Hands 

Regular Hands




Game Designer

21 Hands will be minted and airdropped to Discord members

1 ETH will be airdropped to a single OIH Holder.

Charity Community Wallet Created
(2 ETH Deposited).

DAO Created to manage votes and community wallet





Special Artist Archival prints will be made for Hands holders.

Only 3 will ever be printed of an OIH NFT.

Another 3 ETH deposited to wallet for new projects and charities.

Pad. Pad. Pad.

First collectible "irl project" kick off

Initiated by Creator.

Merch Site Launch

OIH holders will have access to exclusive limited edition gear, merch and collectibles.

Exclusive OIH Club for OIH holders

Holder will have exclusive rights to new whitelist spots on future projects.