About the Project

Objects in Hands is a project by an artist passionate about technology, cryptocurrency, digital and traditional mediums of art. 

The minting roadmap is just the beginning of the continued growth of this project...it doesn’t end there! We’re in this for the long run. Here’s what you can expect from this project..


Community Influenced Art

One of the main features within this project is a community based decision on future art. NFT OIH holders will be able to vote on predetermined options on physical art that will be made as a limited edition series. Art will range from large physical hand painted painting, stencil art, acrylic flat sculptures, acrylic prints, water colour paintings and more. Each piece of art will be given away to a limited amount of NFT holders through contests held in the Discord (“giveaways-and-contests!” channel). Only those who have voted will be able to qualify for the giveaways.

Pink Stairway


Another main feature within the project are collectible pins. Each pin will be unique and an exact copy to the generated OIH NFT collection. To keep track of your collection, an acrylic collection bored will be available for purchase on the merch store. The Collection board will have the pin set’s backgrounds with token ID of OIH NFT Pin to show where each pin should be placed.  Various set’s will be released with their own collection display boards. Special Limited edition Collectibles are restricted to NFT holders only.

White Sweatshirt

Merch Store Launch

From streetwear to home accessories, we aim to provide an array of thoughtful and creative merchandise to all who are interested in the OIH project. One of our main goals is to create a global recognizable brand. Merchandise following current trends within the fashion industry will be constantly uploaded to the merch store. Certain limited edition apparel will be restricted to NFT holders, but the majority of the store will be open to all.


Our Vision

Long Run

We want to create a global brand through art, collaborations and community suggestions. One day, we hope to release collaborative works with top brands in various industries. On our way there, we’ll give back to the community that supports us as well as donate to reputable charity organizations. We appreciate everyone’s support and if we are in a position to give back and help those who are in need, we will!

Good vibes all around:)